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Stone sculptures


While having a very natural feel, the layout of West Park was designed in harmony with especially commissioned pieces of art and poetry.

This is quite unique for a park, not just in Darlington, but across the whole country.

Steel sculptures

The art takes the form of massive stone and steel sculptures, made by nationally renowned artist David Paton. The stone is warm and natural in colour, and sits in harmony with the surroundings.

Poet, W N Herbert, has created phrases and stories that echo Darlington's past and present, and these are a central piece in the artwork and bridges around West Park. It even became a poetry project for local schoolchildren, and fired their enthusiasm for words and stories.

"this is Locomotiontown, where the railways first ran

this is Quakertown, where sharing took root

this is the Darlingtown, that wears its heart within its name"

Stone monoliths

Walking along the winding paths amongst the trees, you are lead to sightlines that frame the artwork in impressive views.

The artwork doesn't dominate the natural surroundings, but instead appears from different viewpoints when you least expect it.

As an exciting twist, try to find the hidden pieces of the Jabberwocky... Concealed in the sculptures around the park.